New work!

7. Another world is possible

New work! Please check out my latest series, “Drawing inspiration: interviews and prints made with movement mentors” under the DRAWING INSPIRATION tab.

2 thoughts on “New work!

  1. Dear Annie,
    Do you mind someone using this beautiful print on a Facebook page devoted to lino printing? A friend started up a closed group after noticing that a very popular linocut Facebook page seemed to have a problem with people calling out white privilege and racism, while saying that there was no need for addressing political issues.
    There seems to be quite a lot of toxic discussions and now someone is trying to pick a fight with my friend who has done a great job calling out racism for having used this image to represent that politics and social issues are valid topics for linoprint-making.
    The image is being used in good faith and no one is making money from it.
    Do you mind?
    Yvette Hunt

    1. Hi Yvette! Thanks for the heads up! No, I don’t mind people using my work; I just ask that people credit me for it. That’s it! And if they are using it to have conversations challenging racism, that’s even better! Could you share the link with me of this group? Thanks! Annie

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