political projects


“Modern Day Slavery is Real” – My most recent collaboration with Mutope Duguma (http://www.mutopeduguma.org/), which was chosen to be featured in the 2017-2018 Certain Days: Freedom for Political Prisoners calendar.


Print created for the Martin Luther King Jr. Day long weekend, when the Anti Police-Terror Project hosts an annual series of events to “reclaim MLK” from his being whitewashed and deradicalized. “Now we must rededicate ourselves to the long & bitter, but beautiful struggle, for a new world.” – MLK.


Print of California poppies with a quote from ancestor-hero Marilyn Buck. “do not sit idle, your path streams before you, bank the raging fires and light laurel branches against the cold.” – M.B.


Print “A Prison Nation Dehumanizes Us All” with a quote by Elizabeth Fry, 18th century Quaker prison reformer in Britain.


Print created in solidarity with Standing Rock in 2016.


Print: “White Supremacy Kills”, made on the day that George Zimmerman was acquitted of murdering Trayvon Martin. #SayHisName


“Power of three” – an exploration of colonization and ancestry.

MD AB Linocut 2015“”” Each of us” – 2015 collaboration with Mutope Duguma (http://www.mutopeduguma.org/). Mutope is a New Afrikan educator and author currently caged at Calipatria State Prison. Annie is fortunate enough to be pen pals with Mutope. You can read more of Mutope’s writings and also find his address to send him mail at http://www.mutopeduguma.org

end_police_brutality_final_spellingfixed_small_lowerres-2-2March 15, is the International Day Against Police Brutality. This poster, “End Police Brutality” is the result of a collaboration between David James Hudson, Molly Jane and myself, based around elements of David’s spoken word piece, “Another Unoriginal Poem about Police Brutality” (http://is.gd/aupapb).

Ancestral Pride LinocutPrint in support of Ancestral Pride (ancestralpride.ca) and Indigenous Reoccupation of Ancestral Lands.


Print “Dignity and Liberation” from UN-SETTLING ALLIANCES: CONNECTING OUR LIBERATION portfolio, spring 2014. See all the amazing prints here: http://cargocollective.com/unsettlingalliances/THE-PORTFOLIO.

Unistoten print 3

Fundraising print for Unist’ot’en Camp, a front-line Indigenous homestead. See more on Unist’ot’en Camp here: http://unistoten.camp/

building resistance

First fundraising print for Unist’ot’en Camp. See more on Unist’ot’en Camp here: http://unistoten.camp/

Caring Collectively LinoCut CCWPPrint made in support of the California Coalition of Women Prisoners (CCWP). See more about CCWP here: http://womenprisoners.org/

Healing Walk 2012

Print made in support of the Tar Sands Healing Walk.

Kwetlal print

Print made in support of the Community Tool Shed project, part of Lekwungen Food Systems: http://lekwungenfoodsystems.org/


Print made as part of No One is Illegal’s People’s History of Kanada Poster Project. More info here: https://noii-van.resist.ca/?page_id=522

Solitary is Torture Orange Annie Banks 2013

Postcard print made in support of the prisoner hunger strikes in CA, opposing torture in solitary confinement: http://prisonerhungerstrikesolidarity.wordpress.com/

Indigenous Defenders

Resistance in the Trees

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