“Linocuts, Love & Liberation” at Solstice Cafe, Lekwungen Territories

On January 10th, 2016, I finally put together my first solo show, entitled “Linocuts, Love & Liberation” at Solstice Cafe on Lekwungen Territories, in “Victoria, BC”.

Here is the write up about the show:

These linocuts represent over 15 years of printmaking and this is the first time I have displayed my prints solo. I wanted to put this on in order to share my work in the community that I grew up in. This show takes place on the territories of the Lekwungen people, on whose homelands I have lived for most of my life.

Printmaking is one way that I have been able to take part in powerful movements for social justice and much of my work is inspired by the community members, communities, activists, organizers and organizations who have committed their lives to working for change, justice and liberation.

The reference to liberation in the title does not refer to my own notions of liberation but rather to the powerful imaginings of what a world free of violence, hate and fear means and is articulated by people leading the way, some of whom I have been so fortunate to meet, know and work with.

Thank you so much to solstice cafe for hosting the show, to the Vancouver Public Interest Research Group for the grant to print and frame my work, and to Kîwetinohk Kîsik for hosting me while I prepped for this show. Thank you most of all to the people and communities who so tirelessly fight for change everyday.

The show will be up from January 9 til at least January 31 at solstice cafe. I will be working on posting photos and write ups from the show on my website, https://anniembanks.wordpress.com/, and will post updates here when that is complete.

Artist’s Statement: Annie Banks

My name is Annie Banks and I am a white settler, activist and organizer, who grew up mainly on Lkwungen territories in so-called Victoria. I was born in “America”, on Shawnee territories, and moved with my family when I was 7. I’m deeply grateful to have grown up on these territories and within many beautiful communities of people here.

I started printmaking in high school and the prints you see here are a result of 15 years of printmaking. I learned from my grade 10 art teacher how to do a linocut and have been making prints ever since. I like lino-printmaking because it is fairly inexpensive, accessible and can be learned and shared quickly.

I wanted to put on a show of my work to share all that I have been so privileged to be part of, especially in terms of political work and movements. I have mainly used my prints as a means to raise funds , awareness and support for social justice work happening in many communities. I have included with each print a write-up and links to the political work that they are about.

While the prints have been made between 2000 and now, I cannot remember all the dates so I just put the re-print date (2016) on all of them. All of these prints are for sale and the proceeds of the prints that are about specific social justice movements will go to those groups and organizations that are referenced.

Please get in touch with me if you would like: anniebee@riseup.net, https://anniembanks.wordpress.com/

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